Matt Jeffery

CEO / All round nice guy!

Matt spends his days driving Brightbulb Design, making sure the studios work is the best it can be. Matt is an expert in creative design for advertising and specifically for the outdoor advertising industry having previously worked with bluechips such as GE, British Gas, Continental Airlines and British Airways on outdoor campaigns among many others. Vast experience and knowledge of the travel market also having worked with various embassies to create campaigns for different countries. With over 16 years experience from creating brands, graphic design and developing websites to implementing fully integrated marketing campaigns, he helps drive our clients businesses to success.

Favourite Saying:
I know the voices in my head aren’t real…. but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome!

At the weekend I love:
Spending time with my kids. I love to tickle them making them giggle uncontrollably.

What Inspires me to do what i do:
Things I see that are great, things I see that are terrible

Fiona Jeffery

Operation Director / Head of Happiness

Fi heads up operations at Brightbulb and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our employees and clients. She is our social media manager, office manager, brand developer and even creative drawer. Many refer to Matt as the “All round nice guy” but Fi is even nicer and makes sure Brightbulb’s “nice guy” mentality is built throughout the business so from every point of contact with Brightbulb, from any member of staff, you get a consistent attitude. Having worked in the core team of a major FTSE 250 company for over 10 years she has brought her knowledge and skills of large business to our team. You will often see her at networking events, next time you see her, say hi.

Favourite Saying:
Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad.

Best Advice:
Keep smiling.

Best holiday destination ever!:
When you’re sitting on a quad bike after driving cattle to the top of a mountain and the sun glistens off your sunnies and all you can see is beauty for miles around it is hard not to say ‘I love New Zealand!’.

Alan Jeffery

Finance Director / Mr Money Bags

What Alan does not know about the numbers is not worth knowing. Having worked as a senior accountant for over 50 years, he trained some of the best accountants that our still practicing on the Island today, including accountants from the larger corporates. He has also worked with an incredible amount of businesses large and small across the Island, ask any of them that know Alan and you will see where our nice guys attitude has come from. Alan is passionate about growing a great studio, keeping our financials on track so that we can always maintain and support our clients and making Brightbulb Design the best it can be.

Favourite Saying:
The road to success is always under construction.

At the weekend I love:
Cakes from my local bakery.

Things that baffle me:

Shane Smith

Web and Software Developer / Dr Database

With over 15 years experience in the web design and app development industry, Shane has a wealth of knowledge when dealing with all manner of coding languages and CMS Systems. Having previously worked at the Agency, as a Senior Web Developer working on multiple projects ranging from small businesses to large corporations in London. Furthermore several years of work with Island gaming giant, Stainless Games working on the Carmageddon game franchise, Shane has the capabilities to deliver outstanding web projects with the latest technologies and expertise. Whether working in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WooCoomerce or Expression Engine to payment integrations and even setting up social media sites, Shane helps Brightbulb deliver every time.

Favourite Saying:
Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Favourite sandwich:
Chicken Club

At the weekend I love:
Driving around in my virtual racing car – the real thing is too expensive!

Adam Hayles

Graphic Designer / The Sans Serif Sheriff

Adam brings with him over 15 years experience in the graphic design industry creating brands and their marketing materials to developing advertisements, magazines and other print/web media. He is an expert in layout, having worked on many magazines for a number of years including the redesign of Island Business Magazine, work on Dental Health magazine and the large Kardan holiday brochures. With a visual eye for great design, Adam has developed knowledge and skills that can only come from experience. A great illustrator also and the go to guy for an infographic or cartoon at Brightbulb Design.

Favourite Saying:
I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. (Dr. Seuss)

Favourite Film:
Back to the Future trilogy.

Favourite Holiday destination:
Top of Mount Srd, Croatia, looking down over Dubrovnik Old Town (AKA, King’s Landing from Game of Thrones).

Vicky Escandell

Graphic Design Apprentice / The Young One

Vicky is Brightbulb’s first ever employee. As a design apprentice she is growing with the business to become a very talented designer. She supports Brightbulb with all manner of design tasks overseen by Matt. She is strong minded and incredibly hard working and is working hard to develop everything she can in design and creativity.

She is also an exceptionally talented photographer having produced many shoots for various uses previously as a freelancer.

Favourite Saying:
It’s time to water the plants

What we call her:
The crazy cactus lady

At the weekend I love:
Going to the gym, healthy heart, healthy mind

Chris Lucas

Sales Specialist / The Sultan of Sales

Chris is a veteran in sales, starting very young in sales running a company in Malta, then returning to the Island to manage a business at a leisure attraction. With his true passion for attention to detail he spent the last 15 years working in front line sales, negotiation and customer service, being a team player is very much his focus and delivering an easy, smooth customer experience.

Favourite saying:
It’s all about the journey.

Favourite food:
My wife’s homemade lasagna with salad and apple pie to finish oh don’t forget the custard (hot).

What Inspires me:
Passionate people around me , business wanting to change and challenge their boundaries, and the success they have achieved.

Amy Power

Web Design & Developer / Crafty Cat

Amy has a wealth of experience in Craft CMS and WordPress. She creates beautiful web designs that are functional and innovative and work for your business. She has designed and developed various high profile responsive websites for the likes of the Isle of Wight Festival, Tapnell Farm, Solo Music Group and Newsquest Media Group. She also has illustration and graphic skills that makes Amy an all rounder for web and design.

Favourite Saying:
The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it.

What inspires me to do what I do:
Memes from the Programmers Humour Sub-Reddit. I never know whether to laugh, cry or a combination of both.

Favourite Book:
Bruce Dickenson’s Autobiography

Dale Howarth

Business Development Manager / Mr Motivator

Practically part of the furniture at Brightbulb, Dale has worked with us for several years to help develop the business and business strategy along with plans for future growth. Dale is one of only a few CPD Accredited speakers in the country and for over 30 years has influenced the fortunes of many individuals and businesses across a broad range of industries and sectors. A fully fledged copy-writer having written business books and writing regular articles for magazines and publications he is a mentor for the business.

Favourite Saying:
Judge us by the company we keep.

Favourite Music:
Dale loves music, especially on a car journey. He loves the likes of Priscilla Ahn amongst others

At the weekend I love:
Watching the Porsche cup when it’s on.

Martin Harris

SEM & SEO Advisor / Sergeant Search

Martin brings over 40 years’ programming and hands-on technical experience from mainframes to Raspberry Pi, specialising in COBOL, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL. He is a PRINCE2 & ITIL qualified programme manager with experience leading multi-million pound projects for a range of organisations in the transport, legal and consumer goods markets including the likes of Unilever and Stagecoach. He has a strong interest in emerging technologies as a business enabler and regarded as an innovator and “thinker outside of the box”.

Favourite Saying:

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realise that we cannot eat money

Favourite Music:

Not Jazz, but anything else goes

At the weekend I love:

Not checking my email quite so often

Bob Stockton

Copywriter / Blog Extraordinaire

Bob is a man of many words. That’s why he helps Brightbulb with blogging and copywriting.

Favourite Saying:
Find something you enjoy doing and keep doing that.

Favourite sandwich::
Cheddar Cheese and Strawberry Jam. Yes really.

What sets me up to start the day:
A shredded wheat, a layer of museli, a layer of bran flakes, milk, sugar and blueberries.

Milo Jeffery

Team Mascot / Hairy Beast

Milo is the team mascot for Brightbulb Design. He spends his days sniffing feet, getting over excited and generally being a bit of a pickle.

Favourite Saying:

At the weekend I love:
Running in the studio, running out the studio and running in the studio again!

What inspires me to do what i do:
Lassie, Snoopy and that dog out of the Wizard of Oz.