Here at Brightbulb Design we like to give back to the community. One of the things we have introduced in 2018 to support this effort is our charity of the year programme. Each year we will choose a specific charity to support from the start to the end of each financial year. We will raise funds for the charity through events, promotional activity and through any means we can. In this first year of the scheme we have chose the Caring Cancer Trust to support. We have worked with the Caring Cancer Trust for as number of years and it was an obvious choice for us.

The Caring Cancer Trust brightbulb design

About the Caring Cancer Trust

The Caring Cancer Trust provide escorted Healing Holidays of Adventure for children recovering from Cancer. They help them regain their self-confidence and re-ignite their passion for life after the trauma and suffering caused by their illness.
Adventure for Kids with Cancer!

They fund ethical original and clinical Cancer Research that does not involve the use of live animals or embryonic stem cells, into the causes, prevention, early diagnosis and innovative treatments for Cancer.
They target Cancer, not animals!

They target cancer prevention. Prevention is far better than Cure! If a pre-cancerous growth is spotted before it becomes cancerous, or if a cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment will usually be completely successful.
Awareness of cancer warning signs and speedy consultation is therefore crucial to cancer prevention and cure. 

To find out more about the Caring Cancer Trust visit their site here.

We have setup a my donate page where we hope to raise funds online for this fantastic cause.


We are starting to plan events and initiatives which will support the Caring Cancer Trust. Check back here on a regular basis to see our latest events and plans.


11th July – Save the date. Brightbulb is planning an exciting business event on the Wednesday 11th July. Details and invites to come. Watch this space.