Charity & Mince Pies

We are passionate about giving back to our community and supporting our local economy and good causes. That’s why back in 2018 we introduced our yearly charity programme which has been a great success, already raising over £11,000 for charities. In 2019 we created a unique charity event called the Mince Pie Marathon which had great acclaim across the Isle of Wight. The event has now become a yearly tradition for the Brightbulb team.


Mince Pie Marathon 2020

We successfully completed the second annual Mince Pie Marathon charity campaign in record time in aid of The Wight Brainy Bunch. In doing so we raised £6,415 for the charity through the sale of over 6000 mince pies. The event saw the Brightbulb team along with our sponsor WightFibre delivering to 153 destinations in a single day, making it the biggest mince pie extravaganza the UK has ever seen.


The Mince Pie Marathon 2019

In 2019 we crafted an event called the Mince Pie Marathon in aid of the Wight Brainy Bunch. The idea was to deliver as many mince pies to Isle of Wight businesses as possible in a single day. Any Island business could purchase a mince pie for £1 and all the mince pies were donated by Supermarkets and other supporters of the event meaning every pound raised went to the charity. We managed to raise £3,100 for the charity.


The Caring Cancer Trust

We raised £1,350 for the Caring Cancer Trust as part of our first charity of the year scheme. The money was raised over the year, through a social media digital raffle as well as fundraising events across the Island which included the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival. We crafted a Christmas tree with handmade baubles of images of the children who had sadly lost their lives to cancer.