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Facebook Will Invest $1 Billion Dollars to Creators

Facebook have recently announced and are planning to pay out $1 billion to creators over the next one and half a year by introducing Bonuses, as a way of attracting content creators to their many services. Unfortunately, the money is available to creators on an invitation-only basis for the time being. The new options for…

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Drawing on the walls of LinkedIn HQ

So the 16th September 2019 was a pretty special day. Brightbulb Design and J Williams and Co were invited to LinkedIn headquarters by Christopher Barron, LinkedIn’s UK Enterprise leader. As we walked to the headquarters we were excited to see what the day would hold. Both being Linked in super fans we were excited about…

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Are you Utilising Social media for your business?

Social media has become a huge platform to advertise your business and tell people all about your brand, yet many businesses still don’t have a Facebook business page, a twitter account, or any other social media presence. I have heard people say “Its too much trouble, I don’t have the time”. While that may be the case…

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