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vector vs raster

Vector vs Raster – What’s the difference?

When you work as a visual communicator, whether you are an expert or beginner, it is your job to create the highest quality, most professional products to deliver the right message to the right audience. Understanding the various formats and media you can work with will help you effectively communicate. Both raster images and vector graphics…

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fanni completes kickstart

Fanni completes Kickstart program

We are delighted to announce that our copywriter Fanni has completed her kickstart placement and has been so successful in her role over the past 6 months that we have decided to make her a fully fledged member of the Brightbulb team. Originally, Fanni started at Brightbulb Design as part of the government’s Kickstart program,…

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7 ways to create an impact with copywriting

7 ways to create an impact with copywriting

In a digital world, there are multiple tools and techniques that help you start a business or create a service. You can automate many tasks but there is one that should be handcrafted carefully as it has the potential to make your business stand out. What are we talking about? Great copywriting.   Copywriting is a…

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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – What’s the buzz?

Innovating ways to reach customers is what brands strive for. It improves the recognition of the brand. Influencer marketing has become a very popular strategy that many brands employ in order to interact with their customers. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular among brands. Influencer marketing is more effective at driving quality traffic and leads,…

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A record-breaking Mince Pie Marathon

Once again, the Mince Pie Marathon hit the streets of the Isle of Wight and even Hampshire this year with a record-breaking amount raised through the yearly charity initiative. The event, setup by local web design studio, Brightbulb Design has gained momentum over the past few years and recorded its largest ever fundraising of £8,872.00…

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adobe illustrator vs affinity designer

Adobe Illustrator vs Affinity Designer

Being a graphic designer is not a simple task, whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field. If you decide to get started in graphic design and want to use something other than Adobe, there are options. Affinity Designer is a potent vector-based program created by Serif. The program can create stunning vector…

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how to maintain the security of your wordpress website

WordPress website security

A visually appealing website is essential to establish good revenue. Although visuals not everything a website should stand for. To maintain customers and make your business thrive the most crucial aspect a business owner should think of is the security of their website and customer data.   WordPress is the most popular Content Management System…

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Brightbulb’s Mince Pie Marathon is back!

Mince Pie fever is hitting the Isle of Wight once again as Brightbulb Design’s Mince Pie Marathon returns for another year of shortcrust madness, raising valuable funds for the Wight Brainy Bunch charity. The initiative which is in it’s third year has raised £10,000 for the charity over the previous years which goes towards families…

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organic Facebook vs Paid Facebook ads

Paid Facebook ads vs Organic Facebook

Facebook, among a few other platforms, is one of the premier platforms for advertising your products and services online. But have you thought about the differences between paid advertisements and organic Facebook marketing? In this article we’ll have a run down about the characteristics of each marketing method, and how they aid you growing your…

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