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Product placement

Product placement

When watching the constantly superb Australian soap Neighbours, you may have asked yourself why everyone in Ramsay Street owns not only a brand-new iPhone but also an apple MacBook. You may have also noticed that nearly everyone loves jogging or going to the gym dressed completely in Under Armour clothing. Well, the answer isn’t that…

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CCT feature image

Yearly charity announced for Brightbulb

  Having listened to the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce President, Geoff Underwood at the Chamber awards this year talk about businesses needing to do more for charities, Brightbulb Design MD Matt Jeffery decided to set a yearly charity from the start of each financial year for Brightbulb to raise money throughout the year on…

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Put the Kettle on…

Recently, I have decided to take a step away from my usual rate of casual caffeine absorption. I love a cup of tea or coffee as much as the next man, I really do, but caffeine is one of those drugs that your body becomes accustomed to, you could have ten caffeine drinks a day…

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work life balance feature image

Finding your Work-Life balance

Brightbulb Design is a family business and we believe hard work will get you everywhere, however sometimes it’s not as simple as being able to just work hard. Before you have children, you don’t think that your work life balance is an issue. Most of your time when you are not working, is spent with…

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Board Games blog

Not board of gaming

It’s March. It’s cold, probably wet outside. The evenings are dark and the nights are long. Now I am a man who enjoys the simple things in life and usually I am an outdoors kind of chap,  but it must be said that I also don’t like the cold and at this time of year…

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Are you Utilising Social media for your business?

Social media has become a huge platform to advertise your business and tell people all about your brand, yet many businesses still don’t have a Facebook business page, a twitter account, or any other social media presence. I have heard people say “Its too much trouble, I don’t have the time”. While that may be the case…

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Brightbulb award winners for second time

Lights Shine Bright at Awards!

Brightbulb Design are proud to announce that we won the Start-up Business of the Year Award, sponsored by Glanvilles Damant at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business of Excellence Awards 2017. “We cant believe it! We have worked incredibly hard this year to grow the business and have taken on some fantastic clients. To…

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