3D Design

and Animation

Why not take your designs to another dimension with 3D design and animation. From clever 3D marketing campaigns to full blown virtual reality experiences, Brightbulb can level you up.

Alex 3D Design

What can we offer?

We can create product designs for 3D printing so that you can take your concept from computer to physical product. Brightbulb can convert your logo design to 3D and animate it with special visual effects. In addition we create 3D explainer videos and characters and 3D models for VR showcasing and experiences. Thanks to our creative technologists we can even integrate your 3D designs for your viewing pleasure into your website.

We give you choice

Brightbulb Design offer 3D and 2D design and animation. With in-house 3D artists and 2D illustrators, our team of creative technologists can give your campaign a whole new dimension. Animation is great for interactive digital applications and ads, as well as animated explainer videos and use in virtual and augmented reality. It gives you the ability to create a variation of imagery from different angles and is great for showcasing physical products.

On trend marketing

The beauty of 3D design is that it is versatile to use across all your marketing assets. It can be developed to work across brochures and flyers and at the same time be used on large scale outdoor advertising campaigns. In addition the assets that are made in the 3D world can be animated or used in Augmented reality to show off your products or virtual reality to take a customer to a whole new dimension.

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