One of the first steps in building a successful brand is through your company logo. A Logo is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember a company’s brand. Usually it’s in the form of an icon (mark or symbol), logotype, or combination of the two. Brightbulb Design can help you with your branding and logo design.

Through a logo you can express what your business is all about. For a new upstart, after researching and choosing a name, the logo will be the asset that makes your business come alive and memorable. For an established company seeking a facelift, a change to your logo can rejuvenate your business and express to your clients a new direction or ethos for the company.

From our design studio on the Isle of Wight we create logo designs for all manner of businesses, large and small, it is one of our favourite design jobs. Creating a brand is so exciting. We get a lot of joy out of seeing a brand that we helped create flourish in the marketplace and we strive to express a brand’s identity, personality and meaning through the logo.

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Tonic Money Business Cards


  1. We start by having a face to face (generally on the Isle of Wight) or over the phone consultation asking a number of questions to learn more about your brand or the brand you are trying to build.
  2. Then we research your market, competitors and company history
  3. From this initial information we can create the initial concepts
  4. 3 – 4 designs are presented to you for feedback
  5. 1 design is chosen and taken forward for further development
  6. We develop and edit the logo further, we explore colour options and typography
  7. The re-developed logo is presented to you for feedback
  8. Any last revisions are completed and the design is developed to final logo completion
  9. Once approved we create a package of JPEG, PNG, PDF and EPS logo’s including full black and full white variations. This gives you all the files that you will need for web, print and large format printing

Looking for logo designers on the Isle of Wight? Pop to our office and lets have a face to face chat about the type of logo design you need. Based on the mainland? Get in touch on 01983 506505 and we will work with you to create the right logo design for you to push your brand further.