Bespoke system for multiple historical databases and membership


“The Brightbulb team quickly understood our needs and have developed a fresh new look with much improved administration functions, and a more intuitive user interface. We are confident that the relationship with Brightbulb will continue to provide benefits to our Committee, Members and the general public for many years.”

Geoffrey Allan, Chairman – Isle of Wight Family History Society


The Isle of Wight Family History website was created 20 years ago with access to a multitude of data. Over the years the site became unmanageable and so the society came to Brightbulb to rebuild the site in a phased approach. We were tasked to bring the look up to date, provide a more obvious navigation and reduced clutter and to make it mobile/tablet friendly. They also required a proper membership management system in which members can maintain their own data and passwords.


We built a bespoke content management system in Laravel and have transferred some of the databases across to the platform as well as built the frontend website over the backend system. The website is a hybrid between new and old and is a great showcase off how you can rebuild a large website with many databases and a massive amount of data in a phased approach making it more cost effective to carry out the work over several months of years.

Benefits for the client

A system was delivered that gives the clients full control but importantly was designed specifically for the type of data to be pulled across to the site. We delivered training for further development and deployment of future databases but remain in place to support as required.

Bespoke CMS system + New database management designed against historical structure + Various new backend tools previously unavailable to the society + Full, bespoke membership system build driving more memberships than ever + A cost effective approach phasing out development over a period of time, great for large scale data migration projects + Brand new look and visual upgrade + Cross browser compatibly and mobile / device friendly