An automated online quoting system worth ‘Ravin’ about

“Brightbulb created a fantastic website for us. The automated quoting system that is built into the site will really set us apart from competitors and give our customers instant satisfaction as they can see the costs, up front and order their bespoke stickers instantly online.”

Scott Raven – Raven Stickers

Raven Stickers have been producing colourful, quality, cost effective stickers for over 25 years. Their team manufactures full colour vinyl stickers and labels for everyday use and they pride themselves on their customer service and premium products which set them apart from their competitors. Brightbulb were tasked with the creation of a new brand ID and website that could drive the customer journey through various steps to choose the sticker that is right for them and then generate a final costs automatically to be processed online.

The online ordering process makes life easy for their customers as they can make their selections and know the cost straight away, saving the customer and business time.

Benefits for the client

Brightbulb have some highly skilled and technically gifted developers who can create bespoke systems and processes that really work. We knew that by automating Raven Stickers web process that they would be able to convert more business more quickly adding an important and powerful e-commerce arm to the company.

Artwork produced perfectly to spec +  Automated business processes that save time +  Beautifully designed website +  A management system that is editable and easy for the client to use +  Reliability in a highly skilled Brightbulb team +  A new look, modern brand logo and identity +  A perfectly running e-commerce arm to the business