Creating energetic brand for ‘cave crafted’ cider start up

Grazed Knee logo 4

Made seasonally from fresh pressed Isle of Wight apples, slowly fermented and cave matured. Grazed Knee is an energetic start-up with a difference.


Once upon a bike ride, a gravelly puddle caused a tumble. Recovering from the graze over a glass of local cider, the founders of Grazed Knee, Katherine and Helen wondered if they could produce something as delicious. They found a plot surrounded by the Isle of Wight’s natural beauty, planted an orchard, assembled a cidery, in a cave we might add, under St Boniface Down. They gathered knowledge and friends and got to work and Grazed Knee was born.

The cider industry is a very competitive market, knowing this we wanted to create a brand for Grazed knee that really stood out from the rest of the shelf. We created a brand that could grow with the business with a full colour palette to compliment the various flavours. We also wanted to convey the Grazed Knee story on the product to give customers a flavour of where Grazed Knee comes from and what they are truly about.

Benefits for the client

Being intrusted with a start-up brand is something we take much care and consideration with. We know that the next start-up could be the next big thing and deliver results to help a start-up business grow.

Brand development +  Product design +  Multiple variations for different products +  Creative ideas and concept generation +  Multiple client brainstorming sessions