Giving Isle of Wight lottery presence to grow

“At a cost of just £1 a week and with the money being pumped into the Isle of Wight’s economy, through business loans, creating new jobs, what’s not to like about the Isle of Wight Lottery”

IW Lottery logo

We worked with the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce to create a new website for the Isle of Wight Lottery that would help excite and drive new players to play. The new site can now easily showcase the great news stories be it from businesses receiving their loans or winners of the lottery itself. We created a social campaign to work alongside the website to add consistency to this new creative look for the brand.


The website is built using Craft CMS which is an intuitive content management system used by many global brands. It gives the ability for the lottery team to organise and edit the website content through a simple, non-technical interface. One of the biggest advantages over other CMS is site security. Since the inception of Craft it has experienced only 8 minor security issues compared with more than 1500 documented exploits in WordPress in the same timeframe.

Benefits for the client

We have created a site that will help the lottery drive their sales channels and promotions consistently across the website, social media and in general advertising.

New modern and dynamic look and feel + Easy to navigate for customers to check their numbers + Easy to manage content through the intuitive backend system +  Ability to add the lottery good news stories