Helping ISP hit new online sales heights with outstanding web system delivery

“We’ve been working with Brightbulb for quite a few years now with no complaints and the fact that we’ve been with them for so long, says it all really. They listen, they get to know us as a business and they understand where we are coming from and where we are going too, they’re part of the team basically.”

John Irvine, CEO – WightFibre

Having worked with internet service provider, WightFibre for a number of years, we really understand how the business operate and their main drivers and goals. With this in mind we created a customer focussed website with all the information up front and with easy access to the various packages on offer. The site content is vast and we built in a schema to make it easy to navigate and understand for both the B2C and B2B audience.


In addition we build a bespoke online ordering system, integrated with Dynamics 365 to pull in live data and pricing as well as the ability for customers to book live time-slots with engineers for their installation and it be automatically booked out in the clients software systems. This online ordering system has become a real game changer for the way the business operate with online sales, saving huge amounts of time with new automated processes as well as drive much higher sales through their online platform and convert these opportunities more easily and effectively.

Benefits for the client

More sales have been taken through the website on a month by month basis and more consistently than ever before since the launch of this new system and website. A truly fantastic example of a well implemented website having a great effect on a business.

Beautifully designed and built website +  Easy to navigate and organised schema for site content +  Sales boosting online ordering system +  Fully integrated with the clients current systems +  Live data being dynamically pulled into the website +  Automated processes, saving WightFibre time +  Regular planning sessions to create a system to be confident in + More sales taken online than ever before + Ongoing maintenance and management of the site + Full dev stack setup for deployment of new updates