HMS Architect responsive design

Project Info

HMS Architects are a well respected RIBA Chartered architectural firm on the Isle of Wight. They were happy with their current website design however it did not work at all on mobile platforms. After speaking with Brightbulb Design they decided it was time for an upgrade to bring their website up to date and meet the needs of all users.



Brightbulb Design took their current design and replicated it using responsive technology and software. We used WordPress to manage the content and put a responsive framework in place. The site is now fully mobile responsive meaning that anyone can view it without the loss of image or text and it will grow, shrink or adapt with your screen size. Here at Brightbulb Design we have a mobile first attitude and design backwards from there. This is a great process because there are now more mobile and device users than desktop users accessing websites and so they have become a higher priority. If you require an upgrade to your un-responsive website then give Brightbulb Design a call on 07738 331665.