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India offers a different aspect of her personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic — to each traveller to the country.

It is an essential tourist destination for any tourist. Taxi Promotions UK ran a campaign with a taxi design by Matt Jeffery of Brightbulb Design featuring Incredible India branded cabs. Formats included full livery, Supersides, Tip seats and branded receipts.


Although the obvious choice, the Taj Mahal had to be the centerpiece of the Incredible India advertising strategy. Synonymous with tourists worldwide, it is an iconic landmark location that must be visited. The essence of India was pushed further through the colourful tip seats showing even more of what India is all about. The campaign was repeated over a couple of years with several full livery cabs and 200+ superside cabs driving the streets of London. The taxi design helped to drive tourism to India and promote the beauty of the country.
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