Isle of Wight Day

Logo, brand identity, marketing materials, bunting, badges banners & more


Isle of Wight Day is a very special and stand-out project. Something that was a ‘moment in time’ to be long remembered and something that had to be right from the very start.

Our work helped to engage with the Islands Public and Businesses, connecting with audiences across the Isle of Wight – promoting the best of the Island and something that needed a very hands-on and pro-active approach to achieve its goals.

Brightbulb Design were specifically commissioned by Island High Sheriff, Robin Courage MBE and made responsible for the concept and design of the Isle of Wight Day brand, its identity and marketing materials. This included: logo design, banners, stickers, badges plus 80 miles of bunting which dominated the landscape of the Island over the course of the celebrations. We created flags for boats and yachts and even an innovative full size fiberglass cow that toured the Island before the event and featured in a parade through Newport, fully branded of course.

Isle of Wight day initial concepts


We started this project as we do all of our branding projects by meeting with Robin and discussing everything that the branding needed to achieve. We then set about creating wildly different concepts. The concepts would range from using iconic island themes and textures in a slightly abstract way, the creation of a possible seagull mascot and the idea of creating a celebratory feel to the logo through bunting.

Robin’s steering group of top island figureheads decided that the theme they would like to pursue further was the bunting idea. We then went back to work creating further executions of this theme and developed the concept through experimenting with different fonts and colours and eventually concluded on the Isle of Wight Day logo that you see today.


Isle of wight day logo by brightbulb

Brightbulb then turned attention to the Isle of Wight Day marketing materials that would continue the theme and add to the spectacle. We created a bunting design which was printed into 80 miles of colourful bunting. The bunting was distributed to the public and businesses to cover the island with a celebratory glow of Isle of Wight pride and proved so popular that we actually ran out all together.

We continued the theme with the design of Isle of Wight Day bunting lapel pin badges which were sold through retail outlets such as Tesco, Morrisions, Waitrose, Marks and Spencers and other local outlets.

Brightbulb Design then set about creating car stickers, web icons for businesses websites, car flags, yacht flags and huge banners to promote the day across the Island.

And then came the cow. Yes, that’s right we even designed a cow for Isle of Wight Day. Although that sounds like it is outside of our call of duty, in this case the cow we are referring to, is a Tapnell Farm / Cow Co art cow and now the newest member of the prestigious Wight Herd. The results of the cow were marvellous and created quite the buzz amongst the public at the entrance to Tesco and as it toured the Island in the lead up to the grand parade.

Isle of Wight day badge

Lapel pin design


For us at Brightbulb Design this project gave a really good opportunity to work on something fantastic for all of us here on the Isle of Wight. A day where we can all celebrate everything that we love about living on this beautiful green Isle.

‘BrightBulb Design is responsible for the concept and design of the logo for Isle of Wight Day. Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure and his creativity and speed throughout the whole design process made the project extremely satisfying. He has created a strong and memorable brand, which will hopefully dominate the Island for many years to come.’

Robin Courage MBE
High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight day Tapnell cow

Isle of Wight day / Tapnell Farm Wight Herd member during the grand parade