Project Info

The Life skills magazine was a 2 year project (with a total of 27 editions) setup by Ayo Alodeji as part of his discovering purpose blog. The monthly e-mag was created to benefit those requiring help with different life skills. The magazine, which has come to a conclusion due to Ayo’s overwhelming commitments to his new charity DVUK, got many well known bloggers involved, supplying their own columns.


Although the content represents a very serious and important subject it was brought to life using bold images to engage and captivate the audience. The style of the magazine was very much of the type you would find on the shelves of a newsagents although this was only ever published online. The magazine had built quite a following when it came to its conclusion in 2013 prompting the release of its successor ‘MSM’ (Mutual Support magazine).

Life skills issue 1
Life skills issue 2
Life skills issue 3