Mojo van

Project Info

Mojo luxuy homes is a home building and maintenance company which is itself built on foundations that were many years in the making. Founded by a team of highly skilled artisans from the UK and eastern Europe as the twenty first century was establishing itself, the company quickly earned a precious reputation. Outstanding workmanship, the use of top quality materials and finishes, conduct on-site of the highest order and exceptional value are all attributes that enable Mojo to stand out in a highly demanding and competitive marketplace.


The van graphics are dominated with the lively green brand colour to make it stand out from similar businesses. It is bold and modern and wont be missed by a passer by. The logo features prominently to get the brand message across. If you have a van or car used for your company then utilising van graphics or car graphics by applying vinyls can be a great way to really push your company by turning your vehicles into your own mobile billboard as an asset.