Developing the brand for SEND School IT Specialist

“Brightbulb have been nothing but a massive help. I sat at my computer trying to come up with my own logos for Morph ICT but they just never worked. I got in contact with Brightbulb and they started work straight away sending over various concepts. The process also forced me to look closely at our companies core values”

Neil Wilkie – CEO Morph ICT

Morph ICT Portrait Logo reverse

Morph strive to provide schools with the latest technology news and developments so schools can future proof your ICT equipment. Morph ICT wanted to present themselves across all media as a professional, modern business who morph with the latest technologies. As Neil Wilkie (CEO of Morph ICT) put it, I have been part of a discussion whereby two companies were tied with price and service but the business manager went with company B because the information pack looked and felt much more professional than company A. I want our branding to make Morph ICT company B.

Brightbulb Design always works tirelessly to achieve the clients goals and in this instance we worked through several different logo designs. We tweaked and tweaked until the branding was just right. The logo is clean and modern using an on trend colour scheme. We produced logo variations for all background types and formats to use across all media from print to web to van signage and t-shirts.

Brightbulb also produced business stationery for Morph ICT and had everything printed and delivered to their doorstep.

Benefits for the client

Since the creation of the Morph ICT brand the business has gone from strength to strength signing new school contracts across the country.

New Branding +  Business cards and Stationery +  Pull up promotional banners +  Exhibition design +  Website creation +  Vehicle signage