Sherbet London

Branding, business stationery, flyers, advertising


Brand design for a taxi fleet rental company supplying new style, high tech black cabs to the city of London for our famous London cabbies.Sherbet – The heart of London Taxis got its name from the Cockney rhyming slang ‘sherbet dab’ meaning taxi cab.


The logo makes use of modern type and tones to create a simple and clean style. The chrome graphic compliments the chrome elements that appear on these new style taxis such as chrome windscreen wipers, bumpers and fascia. The shape and texture conveys the wheels of a taxi but also a derivative of a google map marker. We like to call it the ‘shoogle’.
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“Having worked with Matt Jeffery from Brightbulb Design for over 10 Years on various projects from building Brand ID to creating, preparing and delivery of artwork from our high profile client base, Brightbulb has always delivered on all fronts.”

Asher Moses, Sherbet London CEO