Project Info

Taxi Media (Now Verifone Media) was the largest taxi advertising specialist in Europe. With over 4000 London cabs adorned with varying advertisers brands they were at the forefront of taxi advertising technology and design. Their success was so great that in more recent years they have been taken over by global giant Verifone to become Verifone Media. This project was a major corporate rebrand that took place when Taxi promotions UK purchased Taxi Media.


The Taxi Media corporate rebrand was based upon a birds-eye-view of trailing lights of taxis at night over a particular area in London. The logo needed to be free and creative with colour and vibrancy. The brief demanded that the graphic used could be used on its own or with the type and still be recognisable as the Taxi Media brand. The logo was used across the board on stationery, advertising, web, online and print materials all designed through us.