The beauty of Briddlesford Farm promo


Briddlesford Farm is an award winning Guernsey herd & dairy farm, producing milk, cream, butter & cheese. Briddleford’s Herd is acknowledged as one of the leading pedigree Guernsey herds in the UK and regularly features in the annual awards at the English Guernsey Cattle Society.

Promotional Video

Part of a series of video shorts created for various businesses in the hospitality sector as a marketing tool as businesses emerge from the wake of Covid 19. This is the third in the series created for the fantastic Briddlesford Farm on the Isle of Wight.

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Briddlesford Farm also took part in Brightbulb’s Table Talk series, which is a monthly series where we chat to members of the business community about their lives, business and gets under the skin of business owners, managers and brands to find out what makes them tick. It is recorded at various different locations.