The Caring Cancer Trust

Web design, ongoing maintenance and charity fundraising

The Caring Cancer Trust


Ian MacWatt, Trustee and Hon secretary of the Caring Cancer Trust approached Brightbulb Design with the vision of creating a new mobile responsive website that would connect their 3 core messages of cancer research, Kids2Go and Create2Go healing holidays.

We have built a fantastic relationship with the Caring Cancer Trust, not only providing redevelopment of their existing website but also offering ongoing monthly support for all of their online needs.

The Caring Cancer Trust fund ethical, original, non-animal tested research into the causes, early diagnosis, innovative treatment and cure of Cancer, and prevention of Cancer at pre-cancerous stage. They also facilitate special Kids2Go Healing Holidays of Adventure and Create2Go Art and Music workshops for Children recovering from Cancer, enabling them to regain their self-confidence and re-ignite their passion for life after the trauma of their illness and lengthy treatment.


The main intention was to make a real impact with an up to date look, incorporating a new punchy colour palette, bigger imagery, fun animations and give the user a real experience. Key elements were the donate button that is found throughout at the head and foot of the page. It was also important to get to as much as possible from the homepage. The top part of the homepage splits out the 3 main sections and underneath we highlight volunteer and patrons, latest news stories and links to other useful content, all fully responsive and optimised. It is a dynamic and lively affair that breathes positivity and highlights the great work that the charity does for so many people.

Another important element of the brief was to more clearly define the blogs and use a better standard of organisation that was not present in the previous website. The site can now be up to date with all the latest content at a touch of a couple of buttons using the WordPress content management system, making it easily updatable and very user friendly for the volunteers at CCT. We wish them all the best with their new website and if you would like to donate to this fantastic Isle of Wight charity then click here and pledge some money to help the Caring Cancer Trust do more.


Brightbulb provided an excellent content management system along with a online donation system, something that they did not previously have. With this the Caring Cancer Trust now have a direct place to send donors on their own website which saved the charity the 5% fee on every donation that Just Giving charged to use their service. The total donations taken in the 7 months that the system has been live has been £3015, saving just over £150 on fees, more than £21 per month saved or put another way, enough to pay for travel for a cancer suffering child to go on one of the charities life enhancing healing holidays.

The biggest advantage to this is that it will continue to save the charity money for every donation with no added work required by the charity to maintain it. Another innovative, effective and cost saving solution for a Brightbulb customer.

“Brightbulb have been a fantastic help with our online presence. Not only have they created a beautiful, functional website for us but they have continued to help us week on week with the management of the website and our other online outlets. They have provided exceptional customer service and are considered a true friend of the Caring Cancer Trust.”

Ian MacWatt, Trustee and Hon. Secretary of The Caring Cancer Trust