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toms eco lodge responsive


Tom Turney and his multi-award winning Eco Lodge team commissioned Brightbulb to design and build a new website to further showcase all the fantastic accommodation they have on offer.

This is the third time we have tied up with our clients based at Tapnell Farm after completing the Tapnell Farm and The Cow Co website in recent years which we believe is testament to the way we work with our clients, always working to their agenda.


Working closely with Tom and his team we created a site with bigger, bolder imagery. We utilised a new video that Toms Eco Lodges had shot as the landing page for the site creating an instant point of interest on the site for their customers. The homepage spread the content across the entire screen of the browser and consists of content buckets (showcasing each of their accommodation types) split out by blocks of text making it easy and interesting to read and scroll through.

The site is fully mobile responsive and includes several pages of points of interest on the Isle of Wight .


Making the site mobile responsive gives great advantages to traffic coming from google and other search engines from mobile devices. The customer engagement of the site has increased due to the improved visual elements.

For ages we have been looking for a new website for Tom’s Eco Lodge, that not only looked amazing, but was very user friendly, and would increase our online bookings. Thanks to Brightbulb we now have a great looking site, which is already getting more traffic than ever before – we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Oli Whitehurst – Marketing Manager