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Tonic money



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tonic comp slips

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Project Info

Unique Loan company releasing equity against all or part of a high value asset. Aimed at people with money tied up in their yacht, sports car etc. Tonic Money will value the item, and store the item until the loan is fully repaid. To find out if you are eligible click on the website below.


The key to the Tonic Money branding was to convey the idea of taking an asset and releasing it from other assets turning it into something different. This is where the ‘Pi’ graphic, as we like to call it, came from. We took the ‘o’ (an asset of the tonic word) and cut a section out of it, releasing it (or loaning it) from the word. We changed the colour to show how it had been turned into something else (like turning your asset into cash). The logo still remains neat and tidy like a financial logo should be but the ‘pi’ graphic could also stand alone in some branding situations. For a slider showing how we got to where we did with the Tonic Money branding check out our news post here.