Trader Vics and Malibi Rum

Livery, superside, tip seat, receipts & digital screen designs


Working with Sherbet Media and Trader Vic’s to bring summer to London with an exotic themed taxi featuring Malibu Rum

Trader Vics newly remodelled bar and restaurant at the London Hilton on Park Lane wanted to create an outdoor taxi advertising campaign showcasing their eclectic collection of global cuisines, authentic heritage and tropical cocktails that they are famous for.

Sherbet Media commissioned Brightbulb Design to design the campaign due to our years of taxi advertising experience.


Brightbulb set about designing some initial exotic mock-ups for Trader Vics ‘Party Paradise with malibu’ campaign including old black and white imagery of their founder, Vic “The Trader” Bergeron to show the heritage and history of the business alongside some of the delicious modern day dishes and cocktails that the restaurant serves. We used the Tiki style graphics as a backdrop to the cab and added the impactful Trader Vics logo on the bonnet and front doors. The designs were approved and we set about creating print ready, high resolution artwork for use in the campaign.

Inside the cab we created some tropical tip seats featuring the Malibu Rum branding and created the tagline ‘bringing summer to London with Malibu’. The inside of the cab was also themed with exotic leaves, plants and beach towels. We also created branded receipts to compliment the campaign.


The Trader Vics taxi campaign worked beautifully well throughout the month of July to promote the summer party campaign.

‘It’s always fun creating quirky taxis for PR events, so we really enjoyed creating a beach inside the taxi. We are looking forward to working on future projects together.’

Melissa Myers
Sales Executive at Sherbet Media